Rocksé Low Proyect

In recent years, the high levels of alcohol in Chilean wines have become a problem for the wine industry.

That is why since 2020, through Law Decree No. 78, the use of water in musts was authorized to lower the alcohol content.

On the other hand; changes in consumer tastes, mainly of the millennial group whose tendency is to consume healthier, organic products, without allergens. In this line, also wines with less alcohol.

Millennials are considered to be the great drivers of changes in the food industry, being empowered, informed consumers with greater awareness and sensitivity regarding their purchasing habits.

Due to all of the above and due to a personal concern towards conscious and healthier food habits, the idea of ​​developing a healthier wine reduced in alcohol that was in line with current demands was born. A wine with a low alcohol content made through natural handling and processes but that maintains the same quality attributes of a traditional wine with a higher alcohol content.

Thanks to CORFO’s support, in 2020 we were awarded the project “Rocksé: reduced alcohol rosé wine made in the O’Higgins Region” 20PRAE-135395, through the Regional Entrepreneurship Support Program (PRAE). With the sponsorship of the University of the border (UFRO) we are currently developing in IIVO Incubator of Innovation for wine and olive (, our first wine reduced in alcohol.

Proyecto Rocksé